Managing Stress in the Workplace – Using the Eisenhower Matrix

We have all experienced stress at work. The peaks and troughs of our businesses mean that at times we have to work longer and harder than at others. But what if the peaks just don’t stop? What if they start grinding us down and making it hard for us to deliver?

At Erko Group we see people in senior positions who have simply reached a point where they don’t know how to deliver to expectations any more.

They have worked harder and longer and smarter but they are now skipping lunches and working late into the evenings and at weekends.  With still what seems a never-ending “To Do” list.

The first thing I ask them to do? Get out of the DO box. This is the box where everything is Urgent and Important. It simply has to be done. This is where the stress is though. If you are forever doing you have no real time to think, to take stock, to plan, to organise. One way to recognise you are bang in this DO box is that you don’t have time to come to see people like me. You couldn’t possibly spare the time. How on earth would you schedule me in? If that’s you, I’d suggest you give me a call. At the very least you should read on. In doing so, you move to the DECIDE box. This is where things are Important but not yet Urgent. If you don’t stay in this box for at least some of your time though then pretty soon your DO box will go into overload.

To be continued …

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